My first 100 words Minimize
This is a list of some of the first words commonly learnt by young children.  Your child will need to hear these words lots and lots of times before he will attempt to say them.  Encourage your child by telling him what things are around the house, modelling the words.  Ask him to find you things to help develop his understanding of the word e.g. ‘get me the ball’.

Baby Ball Apple
Daddy Bike Biscuit
Man Bricks Dinner
Mummy Bus Plate
  Car Spoon
Eyes Doll Sweets
Feet Duck Crisps
Hair Teddy Cup
Hands Swing Drink
Mouth Pram Milk
Nose   Juice
Toes Book Water
Tummy Box  
  Paper Bed
Bag Pencil Chair
Coat   House
Shoes Bird Table
Hat Cat  
Pants Dog Brush
Socks Flower Soap
  Tree Bath
Verbs (Action Words)

Other Words
Brush Dry Read Find Big On
Clap Eat Stand Get Dirty Gone
Cook Hit Throw Give Hot More
Cry Jump Walk Wet Like Yes
Cut Kick Wash Look Down No
Drink Push Come Make Up  
Play Put Want