Play with social materials Minimize
By playing with everyday things that are found in your home as well as toys that copy real objects e.g. dolls house, toy cars etc your child learns about the world about him and how to use things, what to do with them and also how to play and behave with other children and adults:
  1. Show your child how to play with some of his toys e.g. making engine noise ‘brm’ while pushing a toy car. Rock teddy or dolly to sleep etc
  2. Let your child copy some of the things you do round the house eg mopping, dusting by letting him watch you and by giving him a mop or duster of his own.
  3. Have a number of dolls, teddies and/or other toys and make them do different things e.g. sleep, run, jump eat etc. Encourage your child to copy your game with his own toy.
  4. Encourage your child to use some everyday things eg brush hair, eat with a spoon and drink out of a cup. Show him how to feed his teddy or dolly too. 
  5. Encourage pretend play by pretending to be asleep, pretending to eat something that isn’t really there or drink a pretend drink. Offer some to your child and see if he will copy.
  6. Help your child act out some pretend games eg being a nurse, postman etc. Encourage him to think of different things to do in his game e.g. posting the letter